Russian River Vineyards, a fabled destination


Jes’ cuz … I find all this interesting:


. . .  RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY ODDITIES . . . include Topolos’ Russian River Vineyards on State Route 116, Forestville.


I’m enjoying a 375-milliliter (half bottle) of their 1981 Dry Palomino Sonoma County Fino Sherry, still full of life with an initially-startling, piquant, lingering aftertaste that makes me think more of quince than a Spanish version would. The Fearless Taster found it perfect with a lightly warmed sesame- and poppy-seeded bagel slathered with hummus. When I was publishing commercially I would have called to see if they’ve ever produced another; I doubt it; I didn’t. But you can call: 707-887-1575.


The winery adjoins the Topolos family restaurant, a true destination in this resort area. Its phone number is 707-887-1562. As you might guess, its fare is Greek-American.


And the site is picturesque, even Alpine. As you zip down a steep hill, going either direction on Route 116, there it sits, right at the bottom. The buildings look for all the world like an illustration out of a European book of fables.


If you visit, you might want to ask for any late news from “Stu Pedasso.” They’ve been known to bottle wine with that label. I guess it got past the moral fundamentalists at the U.S. government bureau that okays such things, who must not have said the name fast.