Merlot — a wine for drinking, not over-thinking?

I just want to share an observation by Salma Abdelnour, from an article by the above name, in Food and Wine magazine for October 2009. It’s a delightful “tour” of wines that can be as comfortable as popular foods like burgers, bacon, and coffee.

There are so many people who are sure they don’t like wine. Some of them can tolerate white wines. A popular movie a while ago convinced still others that pinot noir is a whole lot better than merlot.

I can’t quote much of the article, but the author quotes Matt Skinner, from Australia: “When I started learning about wine, I read a description of merlot as plush, round, inky, sweet, full. I thought, I want to drink that.

“It’s like a bear hug from your grandma. It’s safe and warm. It puts its arms around you and says, ‘It’s OK. I’m not here to challenge you, I’m just here for you to enjoy’.”

Bob Cramer, The Fearless Taster.