A wine bottled just for you . . . well, labelled just for you

If your friends and clients receive a bottle of Windsor Vineyards 2006 North Coast Cabernet Sauvignon, it could be a very nice wine indeed.

I’m tasting such a bottle, rescued from a closet, I guess, given to us by a friend who got it from Kobrin Financial Services. The label says “Bottled Exclusively for (our) Friends.” Kind of nice.

Windsor Vineyards has a lovely building surrounded by North Coast Zinfandel vineyards (if you find yourself near Healdsburg, drop by for a look at the production floor from a mezzanine balcony.)

The wine — now eight years old — is clean, bright, full of berry flavors: delightful. The young wines you’ll find there if you visit will be just as satisfying, but perhaps with a bit of tannin, which is an acid that allows it to age as this one has. Some tannins bite, but Windsor is skilled at reining in the exuberance of North Coast Zins, young or old.

We’re going to drink Joan’s gift with a pan-casserole of sliced potatoes, sliced red onions, drained canned diced tomatoes and a heart-unsafe amount of white melting cheese. I can’t tell what the cheese actually is but it’s rich and creamy — the gift, you guessed it, of a neighbor! We do manage to live well with our cluster of generous friends who think of us when they clean their closets and refrigerators! –Bob Cramer, The Fearless Taster, www.fearlesstaster.com .