Two nato soldiers killed in attack on afghan base

Two nato soldiers killed in attack on afghan base The attack by the Afghan security forces on a US base in south east Afghanistan has left 10 US military personnel dead and left more than 50 wounded. The US officials told the Associated Press that the attack was the result of miscommunication and was meant to undermine Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s effort to win the support of Afghanistan’s neighbours to join the war-torn country. The attack, which took place near the village of Doda in Paktika province on Sunday, killed 10 US troops – at least five of them seriously injured – before it was over. More than 50 Afghan security personnel died on the operation to retake the base from Taliban insurgents. Mr Ghani’s team have said the incident comes as the world’s eyes follow a campaign by Nato and its allies in Afghanistan to drive the Taliban back afte카지노 사이트r the US-led war against them intensified over the past year. President Barack Obama said on Friday the attacks would “hagospelhitzve a serious be바카라aring on Nato efforts”.